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Ciao! I am Marco an Italian web developer. I create and do things for duty and passion. I'm also a gamer, a wannabe guitar player, a traveller and a lot of other things. Here I post some of the things i do/work on. If you want to know more about me or my projects don't esitate to contact me!

  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Json
  • regEx
  • Apache
  • MySql
  • MongoDB
  • Elastic Search
  • Wordpress
  • Phalcon
  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • Redis
  • Docker
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • JS
  • Ajax

Kickstarter projects

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Pledged : 15,132€ (10,000€)
by 282 backers

Created on 23/10/2019 ends 29/11/2019

Relaunching The World of Kanji, a book to learn over 2000 Japanese kanji through interesting etymologies and connections.

Created by Alex Adler

Silk and Steel (live)

Pledged : 38,650$ (5,997$)
by 1258 backers

Created on 10/10/2019 ends 26/11/2019

A queer sf&f adventure anthology of high femmes & dashing (swords)women.

Created by Cantina Publishing

UP CLOSE Festival (live)

Pledged : 10,045$ (12,000$)
by 165 backers

Created on 14/10/2019 ends 21/11/2019

Inspired by JANE JACOBS, top NYC theater artists join forces to reimagine Greenwich Village history as IMMERSIVE, all-ages storytelling

Created by Peter Musante

The WilderWoven Tarot (live)

Pledged : 10,706$ (10,000$)
by 160 backers

Created on 09/10/2019 ends 12/12/2019

Let nature be your guide.

Created by Greg White

One River, a Thousand Voices (live)

Pledged : 9,718$ (17,600$)
by 146 backers

Created on 29/09/2019 ends 07/12/2019

Help place Claudia Castro Luna's poetry book in every library district and tribal library in Washington State

Created by SVC Letterpress

The 2020 Fresh Ground Pepper Festival: Where the Art Is (live)

Pledged : 16,788$ (30,000$)
by 204 backers

Created on 23/10/2019 ends 07/12/2019

FGP's Biennial Festival centers and celebrates the artistic process. The Fresh Ground Pepper Festival is #wheretheartis

Created by Fresh Ground Pepper

Wine Maps of the World - The Essential Collection (live)

Pledged : 45,115$ (20,000$)
by 301 backers

Created on 16/09/2019 ends 27/11/2019

An obsessively accurate set of the world’s wine regions, exquisitely presented in a bookshelf case.

Created by Steve De Long

Scott Pilgrim Miniatures the World - Relaunch! (live)

Tabletop Games
Pledged : 188,604$ (25,000$)
by 1270 backers

Created on 19/10/2019 ends 20/11/2019

Scott Pilgrim Miniatures the World with full-color epic miniatures of all your favorite characters battling on dynamic pop-up boards!

Created by Renegade Game Studios

Disc World - Record Shop & Dubplate Cutting House (live)

Electronic Music
Pledged : 12,826£ (12,500£)
by 270 backers

Created on 07/10/2019 ends 30/11/2019

South East London's specialist ‘underground dance music’ record shop, dubplate cutting house and cultural hub.

Created by Disc World

"NJP #1: Shōwa Tokyo" — A print magazine from Néojaponisme (live)

Pledged : 912,710¥ (600,000¥)
by 275 backers

Created on 04/11/2019 ends 30/11/2019

A print issue from web journal Néojaponisme — NJP#1: Shōwa Tokyo — 128 pages of new content about retro Tokyo past and present.

Created by W. David Marx

The Brady Tarot: Second Edition (live)

Pledged : 27,473$ (8,888$)
by 488 backers

Created on 27/05/2019 ends 30/11/2019

The second edition of the Brady Tarot, an artist's deck that journeys through the spirit of the North American wilderness.

Created by Emi Brady

Tranquility: a co-operative card game (live)

Tabletop Games
Pledged : 16,169£ (7,000£)
by 1233 backers

Created on 16/09/2019 ends 02/12/2019

Please help us bring to life this intense and captivating co-operative experience.

Created by Board Game Hub

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