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Ciao! I am Marco an Italian web developer. I create and do things for duty and passion. I'm also a gamer, a wannabe guitar player, a traveller and a lot of other things. Here I post some of the things i do/work on. If you want to know more about me or my projects don't esitate to contact me!

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Flourish Vol. 3: A Travel & Lifestyle Publication (live)

Pledged : 4,869£ (2,000£)
by 162 backers

Created on 14/01/2020 ends 03/04/2020

Volume 3: 'A Snippet of Scandinavia'

Created by Lucy Saunders

The Keyboardio Atreus (live)

Pledged : 216,339$ (25,000$)
by 1452 backers

Created on 05/11/2019 ends 18/04/2020

An ultraportable mechanical keyboard for comfortable typing anywhere

Created by Keyboardio

GOMI - Portable Chargers That Clean The Planet ❤️ (live)

Product Design
Pledged : 6,650£ (4,000£)
by 129 backers

Created on 16/03/2020 ends 30/04/2020

High-Performance Portable Chargers - powered by repurposed batteries and handmade from ‘non-recyclable’ plastic waste

Created by Gomi

Boulder Denim 3.0: Active jeans for work, play, and everyday (live)

Pledged : 313,885$ (30,000$)
by 2276 backers

Created on 07/02/2020 ends 15/04/2020

Performance denim unlike anything you've worn before. Stretch, durability, breathability, and sustainability meet for the first time.

Created by Boulder Denim

Youth in a Roman Field’s Next Album (live)

Pledged : 17,014$ (18,000$)
by 202 backers

Created on 20/02/2020 ends 03/04/2020

a record for and about healing

Created by Claire Wellin

The Pen Addict Live 2020: Atlanta and Dallas (live)

Radio & Podcasts
Pledged : 62,186$ (30,000$)
by 869 backers

Created on 24/02/2020 ends 04/04/2020

Help The Pen Addict record live in Atlanta and celebrate Retro 51!

Created by NockCo

Remembering Cheetahs (live)

Pledged : 112,633£ (58,125£)
by 933 backers

Created on 15/01/2020 ends 12/04/2020

Remembering Cheetahs

Created by Margot Raggett

Puestes pa'l futuro (live)

Pledged : 7,286$ (65,000$)
by 175 backers

Created on 24/01/2020 ends 18/04/2020

A bilingual, illustrated anthology: Imaginando un Puerto Rico postcolonial a través de la literatura especulativa y el arte gráfico.

Created by Fireside

Makeway | Create Intricate Courses, Watch Your Marbles Soar (live)

Product Design
Pledged : 1,826,472$ (10,000$)
by 12508 backers

Created on 22/01/2020 ends 16/04/2020

A modular, creative, unique super-puzzle with magnetic bits that attach seamlessly to your fridge, whiteboard, locker, car… you get it.

Created by Elyasaf Shweka

"Antarctica" An Album By Tom West (live)

Country & Folk
Pledged : 1,991$ (6,100$)
by 21 backers

Created on 18/03/2020 ends 29/04/2020

Help me put the finishing touches on my upcoming album "Antarctica" via a pre-sale after I lost my income during the pandemic!

Created by Tom West

Sea of Stars (live)

Video Games
Pledged : 412,513$ (133,000$)
by 9360 backers

Created on 25/09/2019 ends 18/04/2020

A retro-inspired turn-based RPG

Created by Sabotage Studio

Gamedec - Isometric, cyberpunk RPG set in XXII century (live)

Video Games
Pledged : 92,016$ (50,000$)
by 2584 backers

Created on 09/01/2020 ends 28/04/2020

Gamedec is an adaptive, cyberpunk, isometric RPG. You are a gamedec – a private detective who solves crimes inside virtual worlds.

Created by Anshar Studios

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