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Ciao! I am Marco an Italian web developer. I create and do things for duty and passion. I'm also a gamer, a wannabe guitar player, a traveller and a lot of other things. Here I post some of the things i do/work on. If you want to know more about me or my projects don't esitate to contact me!

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Transylvania 666 Merchandise (live)

Pledged : 226$ (666$)
by 9 backers

Created on 17/11/2019 ends 15/03/2020

Band T-Shirts and other various merchandise

Created by Transylvania 666

UFOs, The Mothman Legacy & Bell Witch: Small Town Monsters (live)

Pledged : 63,444$ (55,000$)
by 402 backers

Created on 31/01/2020 ends 06/03/2020

Three new productions from Small Town Monsters including On the Trail of UFOs, The Mothman Legacy, and The Mark of the Bell Witch.

Created by Small Town Monsters

The Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby (live)

Pledged : 28,535$ (8,000$)
by 346 backers

Created on 12/06/2017 ends 06/03/2020

A Space Opera featuring worlds created by the famed sci-fi illustrator Josh Kirby

Created by Brandon Raasch

Nebia by Moen: Our Most Advanced Shower Yet (live)

Product Design
Pledged : 1,631,021$ (150,000$)
by 7106 backers

Created on 24/10/2019 ends 29/02/2020

The future of showers. 2X more coverage saving half the water of standard showers. More finishes, more power. Starting at $160.

Created by Nebia

Don't Fall in Love with Yourself - Finishing Funds (live)

Pledged : 6,109$ (15,000$)
by 110 backers

Created on 09/12/2019 ends 12/03/2020

A documentary about Justin Pearson, Three One G and the San Diego Punk Scene.

Created by Jon Nix

End of the Line: The Documentary (live)

Pledged : 23,283$ (25,000$)
by 236 backers

Created on 09/12/2019 ends 04/03/2020

A glimpse into America's transit infrastructure crisis as the NYC subway system hits rock bottom.

Created by Emmett Adler

Owl-Carina: The Sound of Wings | MAKE 100 (live)

Pledged : 5,447$ (100$)
by 108 backers

Created on 04/01/2020 ends 24/02/2020

Cute handmade owl ocarinas and whistles. Potter Andrew spent decades experimenting with ceramic ocarinas. Support him today.

Created by Clay TC

The Neo Rider Tarot Collection (live)

Digital Art
Pledged : 56,720$ (8,000$)
by 718 backers

Created on 21/06/2019 ends 10/03/2020

A 78 Card deck with 4 different color variations, all printed with stylish gold foil printing skills

Created by The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot

Selcouth - Sci F’Irish Music CD by Browncoat Marc Gunn (live)

Country & Folk
Pledged : 4,049$ (5,000$)
by 72 backers

Created on 09/02/2020 ends 13/03/2020

Sing along to Sci F’ Irish music inspired by Celtic tradition, Firefly, and our diverse changing culture.

Created by Marc Gunn

Make 100: Physics Atlas 1889 (live)

Pledged : 16,412€ (1,300€)
by 264 backers

Created on 31/01/2020 ends 01/03/2020

Rescuing an amazing 19th-century book

Created by Alejandro Polanco

HUNU - The coffee cup that fits in your pocket. (live)

Product Design
Pledged : 136,072£ (2,500£)
by 4315 backers

Created on 17/09/2019 ends 06/03/2020

A beautifully designed reusable cup that folds down small enough to fit in any pocket or bag.

Created by Vince and Megan

We, Women: A Visual Rebellion (live)

Pledged : 33,534$ (35,000$)
by 207 backers

Created on 28/08/2019 ends 20/02/2020

Help build the largest social impact photo art project by womxn in the USA, fueling action on urgent issues of our time.

Created by United Photo Industries

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