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Ciao! I am Marco an Italian web developer. I create and do things for duty and passion. I'm also a gamer, a wannabe guitar player, a traveller and a lot of other things. Here I post some of the things i do/work on. If you want to know more about me or my projects don't esitate to contact me!

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THIS AIN'T THE CITY - Explorers Guide to the Blue Mountains. (live)

Pledged : 48,293$ (11,000$)
by 632 backers

Created on 15/04/2020 ends 01/07/2020

This Guidebook is our way of helping our beloved home rebuild. Discover forgotten secrets, favourite hangs and epic landscapes.

Created by The #lostmtns Team

Bristol 1350: A Medieval Game of Racing, Plague & Deceit (live)

Tabletop Games
Pledged : 245,498$ (30,000$)
by 4853 backers

Created on 21/01/2020 ends 26/06/2020

Be on the first cart out of town while avoiding players who are secretly infected with the plague. 20-40 minutes for 1-9 players.

Created by Travis Hancock

Otto's G32 – the first smart and modular gas grill. (live)

Pledged : 2,958,330€ (30,000€)
by 1776 backers

Created on 23/03/2020 ends 13/06/2020

The G32 revolutionizes gas grilling and perfectly adjusts to your grilling needs

Created by Otto Wilde Grillers

Saint Vitus Stays Home (live)

Pledged : 102,699$ (15,000$)
by 1626 backers

Created on 18/03/2020 ends 06/06/2020

Help beloved Brooklyn venue & metal bar Saint Vitus survive the COVID-19 closure

Created by Saint Vitus Bar


Pledged : 8,358$ (25,000$)
by 167 backers

Created on 09/05/2020 ends 15/06/2020

Emmylou Harris' pianist presents 10 soulful songs, rich with imagery and rhythm. FREE Mercyland CD for backers $20 and up!

Created by Phil Madeira


Pledged : 610,978£ (1,000£)
by 7080 backers

Created on 16/04/2020 ends 03/06/2020

The THIRD 200 PAGE HARDBACK BOOK of Lorenzo Etherington's HOW TO THINK WHEN YOU DRAW series + reprinting ALL original SOLD OUT BOOKS!

Created by Lorenzo Etherington

The Koa Cover: The fastest way to make a bed. (live)

Product Design
Pledged : 43,796£ (25,000£)
by 404 backers

Created on 02/01/2020 ends 19/06/2020

Fitting a duvet cover doesn't have to be a nightmare.

Created by The Koa Team

OYO NOVA Gym (live)

Product Design
Pledged : 2,958,803$ (30,000$)
by 18065 backers

Created on 24/03/2020 ends 12/06/2020

A FULL GYM IN YOUR HANDS: Transform your Body at Home, Office & On the Go. Lose the Weights, Keep the Resistance.

Created by Paul Francis

Water Slide — an album by Hazel & Nick (live)

Pledged : 1,011$ (100$)
by 105 backers

Created on 17/04/2020 ends 31/05/2020

Songs for kids about things like puffer fish, sunflowers, and octopus parties

Created by Nick Yulman

terraplanter - visibly follow the journey from seed to plant (live)

Product Design
Pledged : 3,620,548$ (20,000$)
by 31186 backers

Created on 16/05/2019 ends 20/06/2020

Just fill with water and the plant will take only what it needs to visibly grow & flourish on the exterior surface of the planter.

Created by terraplanter

VIE FIT2 : the soft, custom-fit, true wireless earphones (live)

Pledged : 40,196$ (5,000$)
by 405 backers

Created on 03/05/2020 ends 04/07/2020

VIE FIT2 is the soft, custom-fitting, true wireless earphone, made from the soft silicone seamlessly conforms to your ear's shape.

Created by Vie Style Inc.

Montage - Designed for all Your Moments of Life (live)

Product Design
Pledged : 67,055$ (7,000$)
by 391 backers

Created on 12/05/2020 ends 26/06/2020

Beautifully crafted eco-friendly bags to store your treasures through your journey

Created by MONTAGE

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