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Ciao! I am Marco an Italian web developer. I create and do things for duty and passion. I'm also a gamer, a wannabe guitar player, a traveller and a lot of other things. Here I post some of the things i do/work on. If you want to know more about me or my projects don't esitate to contact me!

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Truth or Consequences | a speculative documentary (live)

Pledged : 11,671$ (30,000$)
by 165 backers

Created on 25/07/2019 ends 21/12/2019

A near-future documentary about a spaceport, a desert town, and the incredible people who live there.

Created by Hannah Jayanti + Sara Archambault

DIVEROID | Turn your smartphone into an All-in-one Dive gear (live)

Pledged : 226,098$ (10,000$)
by 696 backers

Created on 05/11/2019 ends 18/12/2019

Turn your smartphone into an affordable all-in-one Dive computer, Underwater camera, and Photo-synced log book with Diveroid.

Created by DIVEROID

Globular & Geoglyph: a new collab album, straight to vinyl. (live)

Pledged : 4,075£ (5,000£)
by 95 backers

Created on 31/10/2019 ends 21/12/2019

Help us bring our new collaboration 'Messages From The Resonator' to life with a full 180g double gatefold vinyl album!

Created by Morison Bennett

The Cave Sessions Vol. 2 - Recorded Live In An Irish Cave (live)

Pledged : 457£ (1,500£)
by 25 backers

Created on 29/06/2017 ends 11/12/2019

3000 years ago an on-the-run musician wrote songs while hiding in caves. His lyrics survived - we recorded them in an Irish cave!

Created by Andy Rogers

Unocup - the no-lid foldable paper cup (live)

Product Design
Pledged : 25,108$ (14,500$)
by 598 backers

Created on 04/11/2019 ends 20/12/2019

Unocup is the new, sleek paper coffee cup that makes plastic lids a thing of the past

Created by Unocup

Divinity Original Sin the Board Game (live)

Tabletop Games
Pledged : 1,031,082$ (160,000$)
by 5655 backers

Created on 16/08/2019 ends 20/12/2019

Divinity Original Sin the Board Game is a cooperative, storytelling adventure game set in the Chronicle System.

Created by Larian Studios LLC

Keith and The Girl - 15 YEARS - The MOVEment (live)

Radio & Podcasts
Pledged : 32,255$ (30,000$)
by 565 backers

Created on 26/10/2019 ends 08/12/2019

KATG is moving to a new studio for over 200 more KATG episodes, a 24-hour 50-comic comedy marathon, live audience shows, and more!

Created by Keith and The Girl

WAGASHI Catnip Toys (live)

Pledged : 2,879$ (3,000$)
by 86 backers

Created on 14/07/2019 ends 01/01/2020

Japanese Snack Pack For Cats

Created by munchiecat

GoDice | Incredibly Smart Connected Dice For Any Game! (live)

Tabletop Games
Pledged : 175,778$ (25,000$)
by 1800 backers

Created on 03/11/2019 ends 16/01/2020

Elevate game night and RPG to a whole new level - Play online and offline with friends & family.

Created by GoCube

DIPLE - the POWERFUL microscope for any smartphone (live)

Pledged : 115,382€ (25,000€)
by 1172 backers

Created on 11/03/2019 ends 18/12/2019

Explore the microscopic world around you with the most powerful, compact and easy-to use microscope for any smartphone or tablet!

Created by SMO SmartMicroOptics

Multibird (live)

Pledged : 6,105$ (3,500$)
by 183 backers

Created on 06/11/2019 ends 08/12/2019

Multibird is releasing their first official album!

Created by Seth Hebert-Faergolzia

Bardy Pardy's Debut CD (live)

Country & Folk
Pledged : 1,777$ (5,000$)
by 58 backers

Created on 27/11/2019 ends 01/01/2020

Renaissance-faire based folk trio, Bardy Pardy, is looking to record our debut CD!

Created by Bardy Pardy

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