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~ Doing things. In spare time. Just for fun. And glory.
Ciao! I am Marco an Italian developer. I like to create and do things for duty and passion.
I'm also a gamer, a wannabe guitar player, a traveller, a father and a lot of other things.
Here I post some of the works/projects i do. Feel free to contact me!

Steam stats and Market stats

Total number of items on the market 388966 on 2021-10-18 @ 01:04:06

Operation Riptide Case
( Counter-Strike: Global Offensive )
Quantity : 50579
Starting at: $0.85 USD

Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
( Team Fortress 2 )
Quantity : 30892
Starting at: $2.19 USD

Glove Case
( Counter-Strike: Global Offensive )
Quantity : 87327
Starting at: $1.64 USD

2020 RMR Legends
( Counter-Strike: Global Offensive )
Quantity : 279201
Starting at: $0.34 USD

Clutch Case
( Counter-Strike: Global Offensive )
Quantity : 626624
Starting at: $0.14 USD

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