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I do things. In spare time. Just for fun. And glory

Things that i like : Ubuntu

Hi! I am Marco, a boy. As the subtitle says I like to write code, do things, explore the web and mess up with networks. I do what I do just for fun, because it pleases me and relaxes me. If I helped you somehow, I am happy. But maybe you don't care about me. Take a look at some of the things I have done right down here. Cheers!

Pssst Hey! Do you like what I do? You can offer me a coffee or a beer here. Grazie!

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Θ  Facebook BOT @ :
Bot/automatic answerer to interact with customers providing information about company, projects, news. It interacts trough customizable messages, page-box, images carousel. The bot it's provided with an admin panel to configure its behavior, user analytics and message history. To interact and play with D4UBot use Facebook Messenger at this link. Created for :

D4UBot v1.0, Marco - 21 Feb 2018

Zip file

Θ  Steam User profile reader :
an easy tool to fetch data from a Steam user page. Just put the steam user ID in the config. file and that's it. It will loads content, live or async storing everything into a database.

Download now or Clone from GitHub

Please remember : all contents fetched,loaded,read from Steam are protected by copyright and trademarks by Steam, the software owner and/or third party license . For all the information please check the Steam pages [ Legal, Privacy Policy, User Agreement ]

v1.0beta, Marco - 7 Feb 2018

Zip file

Θ  Wishlist (standalone plug-in) :
it's a customizable and easy-to-use plugin that creates a Wishlist manager: shared or secret wishlists; each item can be described with his details and linked directly to the Amazon pages. Doesn't require any CMS, it's created to be included as a simple page or script in any hosting equipped with PHP and MySql database.

Coming soon

v0.1b, Marco - 23 Dec 2017

Zip file

Θ  Shortcode Simplex :
this is a lightweight plugin for Wordpress. Shortcode Simplex let you create and manage Shortcode inside any post. It's really simple and fast with its minimal graphics.
It doesn't need any setup, just unpack the ZIP file into the /wp-content/plugins directory or upload&install directly from the Wordpress Plugin admin page.

You can download it from the Wordpress Plugin page

v1.1, Marco - 16 Apr 2017

Zip file

Θ - CSS Style :
Do you like what you see? You can use my CSS style. It's free. Instruction:

  • upload the ZIP content inside your web root.
  • insert this tag inside your index file, in the <HEAD> section
  • Done! EoF.

1. <link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

Download now

v1.0, Marco - 08 Feb 2017

Zip file

Θ  Workspace :
a powerful tool (plugin) for Wordpress that enhance your team work with worksheets, embedded chat, calendar and more. No setup or configuration needed, easy to use, modulable, fast and always lightweight


v1.0, Marco - 19 Mar 2017

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